Scientific Translation

We can provide qualified professionals throughout the scientific document production chain: translators, proof-readers and product managers.

Scientific and medical translations require studying the specific terminology: we can guarantee qualified professionals throughout your document production chain.

Specialist books, patient information leaflets, handbooks, technical specifications, clinical studies, medical reports and publications in the medical and pharmaceutical field. Particular care is required for translations in this sector, so it is essential that these translations be carried out by qualified professionals.

In a sector such as this, an inappropriate translation can have consequences that are difficult to handle: indications that are essential for the safe use of a drug may, if translated without due attention, cause serious damage to the pharmaceutical company that produces it, and all the more so for the end user.

The service SOSLANGUAGE offers is guaranteed through a rigorous selection of in-house staff and by the skill of our translators. We are able to guarantee qualified professionals throughout the production chain: translators, proof-readers and product managers.

Our aim has always been to meet the client’s needs, swiftly delivering a quality result. Our team focuses closely on studying the suitable terminology and adapting it for each specific sector.

Among those who have chosen our scientific translation services are:

Regional Health Services Agency, Sigma Tau, Abbott, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Biomedica Foscama, Farmindustria, Gruppo Angelini, Inca Pharm, Unilever Italia, Johnson & Johnson.